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Tsakonian aubergines

The aubergine from Kynouria is a unique type of garden produce, which has the distinction of being a Protected Designation of Origin product.

For 15 years now, every June at Leonidio, visitors from Greece and all over the world flock to Kynouria to enjoy the Aubergine Festival called “MELITZAZ”.

It has become a very popular institution, as it combines gastronomic delight with the traditional sense of a celebration. The fertile Leonidio plain, which in antiquity was known as the Garden of Dionysus, has an exceptional microclimate.

The favorable sea breeze, combined with the protection afforded by Mount Parnonas, the rare soil composition and an aquifer rich in organic and inorganic elements, create a true paradise. 

small food stories

Peloponnesian Olive Oil: A centuries-old elixir

Olive oil is one of the most characteristic products of the Mediterranean, synonymous with health and well-being. Modern medicine has recognized in olive oil almost “magical” properties, being one of the body’s most important shields. The well-being, longevity and durability of people who eat olive oil are now a scientifically recognized fact. Peloponnesian olive oil has a centuries-old history. It was the nutritional basis of the Mycenaean civilization, revealed by excavations at the palace of Nestor at Pano Engliano.

The ancient varieties that grow in the Region of Peloponnese are as follows:

  • ARGOLIS: Ladolia Megaron, Manaki or Manakolia.
  • ARCADIA: Koroneiki, Matsolia, Manakolia, Megareitiki.
  • CORINTH: Koroneiki, Megareitiki, Manakolia.
  • LACONIA: Athinolia, Asprolia, Koroneiki, Mourtolia.
  • MESSINIA: Koroneiki, Matsolia, Mavrolia.